DesignCrowd error login

12:56 by robert · 3 Comments
I'm a little worried that I cannot access my account on DesignCrowd.
DesignCrowd is a great site, but unfortunately seems to have alot of problems. Last days I've noticed a few errors on website but nothing to worry about. Everything works fine until now.
Tried many times to access my account there... My browser returns every time the same page.

Last year they also have some security issues. I hope it will not happen again!

Please, if you have the same problem in accessing your account on DesignCrowd, leave a message here.
Thanks for your reply guys!

Everythings are fine now! I'm able to access my account.
Here are DesignCrowd answer:

Thank you DesignCrowd!


48hourslogo website is down

01:29 by robert · 3 Comments
48hourslogo.com one of amazing website where I work as a freelancer is down since yesterday. Unable to login or to see any page of this website.
I don't know what happened. Check the website many times. Nothing happened! Only receive an error page, or redirect me to a page of their hosting website.
Check the website through http://www.websitedown.info/48hourslogo.com. They said the website is up. I realy don't understand why I'm not able to connect.
Also tried to connect through a proxy server... same page of their hosting website.
If anyone has more informations or encounter the same issue, please let me know.
Waiting for your message here on my blog!

Finally we have a message from 48hourslogo Team. When I try to connect their website display a page which say:

Sorry about the trouble, 48hourslogo website should be coming back online soon!

Dear Visitors,

We apologize for the outage. We are working as fast as we can to bring our service back online. All contests affected will be automatically extended to make up for the lost time. Again, sorry for the trouble and please check back in a few hours.

Best Regards,
-48hourslogo team
Hope everything will be fine after all!

Finaly website is back. Checked my account and everything seems to be normal
Forum still not working :(


Amazing places on Earth (II)

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Watch the images. Close your eyes! Relax!
This is our planet. Our home!


Ticketamerica news

06:46 by robert · 0 Comments
Ticketamerica.com has college sports and game tickets UTEP Miners
Valparaiso Crusaders and the Vanderbilt Commodores basketball and football seating.



13:54 by robert · 2 Comments
Today sports is mandatory. Sport maintain physical fitness and also is funny and increase strenght.  Sport is healthy. There are hundred of sports you may practice. We do not have to do professional sports because winning isn’t the most important thing.

Although speed is very important people are moving less. Everybody should should get involved in sports. No matter the age.
One of the things that you should think when you do sports are sports clothes. Sports clothing is important. Why? Because without suitable sports clothing you can not practice your favorite sport.

For instance when we running we may wear Matix hoodies. But you may notice that choosing the right clothes depends on the weather. Weather is important when we practice a sport outdoors.

Have you ever played golf? Many say that golf isn’t a sport. Golf is nice. But golf is more than nice. Golf means self-awareness, self control, patience, strategy and technique. But without the right clothes you will not be able to play golf. You must feel good in your clothes. So a perfect Matix Sweatshirts will be the right choice.

What else should we know about the sportswear? It is important that they must have great quality material and the right size. Design and colour are also important, but not mandatory. Sportswear should be at the same time modern and sophisticated. Price is another important aspect.
Where do we find the best sportswear? Depending on what we are looking for (apparel, shoes, sunglasses or any other sports accessories) we can search for a good online stores on the Internet.

After playing a sport is good to know that your body must be protected. You must keep your body and your muscle warm after training. Your body is now sensible and choosing the right clothes is very important.

All I want for you is to do sports but do not forget to choose the right sportswear.
Sport is fun!


Amazing bridges (V) - The highest bridge in the world

10:56 by robert · 1 Comments
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The highest bridge in the world

El Puente Baluarte. This is the name of the highest bridge in the world today and is located in Mexico. At this time the bridge is not completely finished.
The bridge connect Durago and Sinaloa states and has a height of 1124 meters and a width of approximately of 20 meters.
Maximum height of the bridge is about 403 meters above the ground.

In a previous article I've told you that the highest bridge in the world is Millau Viaduct which is situated at a height of 343 meters.

El Puente Baluarte (The highest bridge in the world)


Best Christmas e-Cards sites

23:04 by robert · 1 Comments
Best Christmas e-Cards sites
Inspirational Messages sites
Christmas Desktop Wallpapers

Holidays, holidays ... the most beautiful times of a year. I like it a lot. It's time to celebrate and remember the people we love. It's time to be happy and forget all bad things. It's time to send to our family and friends a Christmas e-cards.

These are the best Christmas e-Cards sites:
Here you may find inspirational messages for  your greetings and e-cards, like this one:
"On this day a Savior was born. May your Christmas be filled with the light of Christ."

Or you may want to change your desktop wallpaper. Here are the best site you may download one for these special days.

And these are the best e-cards that I've seen:
Christmas e-Card

Christmas e-Card
I wish you all Happy Holidays!

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